JP Plus

Who We Are

JP Plus is a Control Systems Integration, and Data Collection company. We do everything on the control system side of the project, including design, panel build, software programming, install, test, training, & support. We do Data Collection programming using Handheld Devices (Android or Apple), creating customize applications for Field Data Collection and in the Warehouse. We support our customers, and their systems, on site or via remote support with a rapid response team.

Controls with Opto22

We specialize in Opto22 Control Equipment. With more than 45 years of collective Opto22 experience, we have seen all type of applications including:

  • Industrial Automation

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Data Acquisition

  • M2M/IIoT

  • Database/Interprise connection

  • Batch Systems

  • Clear Rooms

Data Collection

We are experts on the data collection field using handheld equipment, for presenting and collecting real time or batch, with easy to use interface on Android and Apple Devices, and Web Interface for data viewing, analysis, and report generation. Applications include:

  • Warehouse Inventory (Shipping & Receiving, Transfers, Pallet Building, Label Generation, etc...)

  • Order Entry & Store Delivery (Easy Order Generation, Receipt Printing, Dex Protocol, Signature Capture)

  • House Hazzardus Waste (HHW) (License Scan, Customize Categories, Report Generation)

  • Field Data Collection (Collect data from the field for Maintenance, or Remote Equipment, with Report Generation, and Data Analysis)


  • Groov EPIC & Groov Servers

  • PAC/Project


  • IoT Platform

  • Node-RED

  • Visual Studio

  • Communication Protocols (Modbus, EthernetIP, Profibus, Optomox, Custom, etc...)

  • Database/enterprise (SQL Server)

  • FactoryFloor

  • Mistic

  • Cyrano